12 in a row and counting!

4.11.08  12:00  

You just knew after one hundred and twenty-two seconds that this one was already over. How many times have we witnessed the ridiculous starts the Boston Bruins have had in the Bell Centre as well as the Montreal Forum before that. But pathetic I guess would be too strong a word but what would you call it. This was Men against Boys. I guess I had too high expectations that the club would come out and at least compete with the Canadiens. They did not. Even after Phil Kessel made a heady play to drop the puck to Andrew Ference who’s shot was tipped in by Shane Hnidy to close the gap to one goal you thought, hey, another one and we’re right back in it. But did you see that second period. Did you see them run and hide. Did you see Montreal hit everything in a black and gold jersey and hit them with conviction. Oh and by the way, I think I could’ve been in net for the Canadiens and won. (not really..but you get my drift) The Bruins put a paltry 18 shots on the Canadien netminder and they were simple saves for Patrick Roy…oh I mean Carey Price. My hockey friend Murf says I’m too tough. He says “I do think they play hard, but just are not very good. For some reason a team like Montreal just totally exposes that they are a below average team.” Good point by you Murf, but last night they looked lost out there for the 12th consecutive time against the Habs. Zdeno Chara and Aaron Ward were both Duds last night. Dennis Wideman threw out that pass that lead to a goal simply because he did not want to take the hit that was coming. Awful! Dennis, take you cue from Peter Schaefer who took a pretty good hit he saw coming but managed to get the puck out of the zone. Simply plays that can make a difference. Last night, there were not a lot of plays that made a difference. Also, I think age is a factor. How many of those young Bruins had more than butterflies. How many, playing in their first ever playoff game had to check their underwear. Even Thomas, who played well enough, but still gave up ridiculous rebounds on the first and third goals. You just can’t have that kind of team play in the playoffs. This ain’t the regular season boys. Time to put up or shut up because once again the Canadiens are the Bruins Daddy!  I hate it! I hate them! And its frustrating. Can ya tell?



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Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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