Better Effort?Same Result

4.13.08   11:00

It wouldn’t have taken much to come away with a a much better effort than Thursday’s and the Bruins did just that. They played with a lot more energy, heart, focus and determination. Unfortunately they didn’t play with enough discipline as the paraded, player after player, into the penalty box putting the Montreal Canadiens on the power play time and time again. Yes the Bruins had killed the first 13 Canadien power plays, but when you live by the sword, you know how it goes. Shawn Thornton late in the third period and Jeremy Reich in overtime, each took stupid and costly penalties. The Reich penalty ultimately costing the Bruins the game as one minute later, Montreal Captain Alexei Kovalev blasted a shot short-side off the shoulder of Tim Thomas for the overtime winner. The Bruins certainly deserved better. They had their chances, especially with their own power play. David Krejci did score a five-on-three goal to tie the game, but Boston couldn’t do anything with the other five man advantages while give Montreal eight power plays. Thomas played another great game and did everything he could to give Boston every chance to win. But when you look at the bottom line of this game it basically comes down to two things. Staying discipline and not taking stupid penalties and talent. Let’s face it, the Montreal Canadiens have more talent than the Boston Bruins which means the B’s must work harder and not give the Habs any extra opportunities for scoring.
A couple of notes, questions, whatever. Is it not time for the veteran leadership of this club to step up and take control. Where is Zdeno Chara (no points)? Marc Savard (1 assist -2) Marco Sturm (1 assist -2) Glen Murray (no points -3). Its great to get scoring from the likes of Krejci, and Peter Schaefer. And a bonus to grab one from Shane Hnidy, but where are the alleged top performers? Huh? Well tonight at the Garden, it’ll be interesting to see how Boston comes out knowing that despite the good effort Saturday night, they are still down 2 games to love. And let me just throw one other statistical nightmare in there for ya. In the Bruins history, they have never come back to win a playoff series after losing the first two games. Boston is 0-31 in those playoffs. Doesn’t matter the opposition, the Bruins have never come back. How’s that grab ya! I hope the TD Banknorth Garden is rocking tonight with the Home team colors. No complaining about the Canadien fans overrunning the building if Boston fans don’t buy the tickets and fill the seats. Hey, if we don’t buy them, the other team will. After all, they don’t call Oriole Park at Camden Yards Fenway Park South for nothing. WBZ NewsRadio 1030 and WBZ is your place to hear all the Bruins action with Dave Goucher and Bob Beers. Broadcast time 6;55pm Sunday night.

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