Rookie versus Rookie.

4.15.08  18:20
They are both rookies in the National Hockey League playoffs. Carey Price is a rookie in every sense of the word. Tim Thomas is a journeyman veteran in the NHL but a first-timer in the second season. With the exceptions of the first 2:02 of the first period in the first game in which a jittery lot of Bruins gave up two quick goals, the “rookies” have played like anything but. Through the first three games, Thomas has allowed 8 goals and Price just 5. No reason to suspect that will change. And both clubs hope that it will remain the same as well. In games 2 and three, Thomas is the main reason the Bruins have gotten themselves back in the series. Despite the loss in game 2 Thomas made some terrific saves to allow the Bruins to come back from a 2-0 deficit to tie it and send it into overtime. In game three he again made several key stops especially in the third period and overtime before the Schaefer, Wideman, Savard firm clicked to win the game and send at least half the fans (not the Habs fans) at the garden, including your friendly Diehard, into a frenzy. Carey Price has been more than solid and showing a veteran steadiness to his goaltending. So far, he has shown no reason for Canadien management to regret their decision to trade Cristobal Huet at the deadline. Game four tonight as the Boston looks to even the series and Montreal wants to take a stranglehold on it.
The sea of Red is in the building already and the atmosphere will again be electric. Turn on your radio to WBZ NewsRadio 1030 or log onto and hear Dave Goucher and Bob Beers for the call of the game from the “Garden”.

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