Score, score, score, or lack thereof!

4.16.08   09:00

Well, you really couldn’t ask for much more of the Bruins last night. They did pretty much the same things they did in games two and three, except score. Several opportunities they had on Carey Price but either could not hit the net, or young Price made the stop. A lot of shots right at him, few were tough. Everything you want in the Bruins was there. Hard work, tough in the corners, good hitting. Tim Thomas once again, sensational in goal and yet, no Bruin goals. And that’s the bottom line in any sport. Cliché it may be, but if you don’t score, you don’t win. Now they go back to Montreal and try to win game five which is a monumental chore. Diehard still hasn’t figured out why Coach Julien is healthy scratching Phil Kessel. Yes, he is a defensive liability but when you have as pathetic an offense as the Bruins have, you might have to sacrifice a bit of defense. The garden was waiting with anticipation to explode had the B’s put one in the net. But that was not the case. Too many missed nets and soft shots and blocked shots and missed open nets. Hard working Bruins shooting blanks. Reminds me of past Boston teams and most times they were facing the Habs. The Bruins continue to fail on their power play and although doing a good job on the penalty kill, the only goal scored was on the power play with 46 seconds left in the second period. Boston started the third with a power play of their own, but nothing ever materialized. So, once again, unless there is a resurrection of Messer’s Oates and Neely, our Boston Bruins will fail in a playoff series. You knew they would have to win one in Montreal if they were to defeat the Canadiens, now they have to win two and oh, by the way, win one back at the “garden”. Just about impossible to do. Especially when you can’t get the puck to cross the goal line.


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