Happy Birthday Julia Child!

Since the opening of training camp is still about a month away, and the Red Sox are in a race for the playoffs against THE TAMPA BAY RAYS. The Patriots are playing those practice games and the dog days of summer and rain are still around, I decided to just tell you of an event I have done for the past 10 years.

Other than playing, watching and blogging about hockey and the Bruins, my other passion is that I like to cook. I am a pretty good cook and have known of friends who have canceled trips in order to enjoy my food.

Since 1998, I have celebrated the birthday of one Julia Child with a French inspired meal on the Saturday closest to her actual birthday, August 15. Last Friday she would have been 96, having passed in 2004.

So on August 16, I had 10 guests at my dinner table to enjoy our friendship, great laughs, stories, some great wines, and what I think was a great meal. I plan the meal with wine pairings so that everything is just about perfect. Except for one, all guests have been at the table for this event before so they knew what to expect.

The evening began at 4pm with wine and cheese and ended with a splendid cheesecake, chocolate pecan tart, Armagnac and Porto.

Thanks to all who shared in it and made it a great day. It is a lot of work and several weeks of planning and Friday & Saturday are pretty exhausting but it usually is a great “little” dinner party and celebration of my cooking idol, and it truly was.


JC Menu 2008


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