Bruins….not much to speak about …yet..Hopefully!

Well, it was an interesting pre-season game for the Bruins Saturday against the Washington Capitals. The Boston Rookies, most of who are destined for Providence and trying to make Bruin management take notice of them. And the veterans trying to keep pace with last season’s accomplishments including the seven game series loss to the Montreal Canadiens. But most of all, the Bruins want to be competitive and consistent all year long. Something they were not at all last season. Saturdays game was a long way from establishing either. Inconsistent goaltending, breakdowns in your own end lead to 2 of the four goals by the Caps. But overall, with everyone currently fighting for a job with the big club, it was a pretty decent  game. Rookie free agent Blake Wheeler scored a nice goal to put the Bruins ahead for a bit. Wheeler is truly trying to make Coach Julien’s decision awful hard. Sorta like his former college teammate now Bruin 3rd year man Phil Kessel did three years ago. Wheeler was the only thing that stood out in the game except, some kid named Bourque.  Christopher Bourque assisted on the Caps first goal and scored the game winner with less than three minutes to play. Newcomer Stephane Yelle played a steady game including a nice screen on Andrew Ference’s  goal.  Overall in the pre-season, the Bruins are 2-2-1 and three more games to go. The team building that is going on this weekend in Stowe, Vt ought to give more clues to how this team will be in 2008-2009.



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