No win in Minny for Manny!

Ok, rust or no rust, as a goaltender, you just cannot let goals like Manny Fernandez let in on Saturday against his old team, the Minnesota Wild. Fernandez gave up two softies in a 4-3 loss that did see the Bruins come back in the third period from a 4-1 deficit. But by that time, those two crucial easy ones became the thorn in their paw. It was my concern when they traded for him, and its been my ever since.  What’s the fascination with Manny (JD Drew) Fernandez.  Manny’s deficiencies weren’t the only thing that was wrong as the penalty kill, like last year, has a lot of work to do. Two Power play goals for the Wild put Boston down a goal after they had taken a one nothing lead. Too much Wild and not enough solid defense by the Bruins and Manny Fernandez. It will be interesting to see who gets the nod in goal as Boston heads for Montreal.A couple of personnel moves as Boston traded Andrew Alberts to Philadelphia for a fourth round draft pick. The Bruins also recalled Vladamir Svobotka and Matt Hunwick and they traveled to Montreal with the big club. Diehard


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