Back to the scene of the disaster!

When we last left the Rivalry between the Bruins and Montreal, the Bruins were meekly falling to the Canadiens in game 7 of the playoffs 6-0. Well that rivalry renews itself tonight in the Quebec Province. The Canadiens have convincingly won their last two games beating their Canadian arch rival Maple Leafs in Toronto on Saturday and the Flyers on Monday. Boston has had defensive problems and penalty kill issues and as always, if they put themselves in jeopardy tonight with foolish penalties, the Canadiens will usually make you pay.  One interesting side note is the return of Michael Ryder to the Bell Center where he was last seen M.I.A as he and Canadien coach Guy Carbonneau were having differences of opnion. And the coach usually wins that one and Ryder’s Ice time was dramatically diminished. Ryder did have a nice assist on one of Marc Savard’s goals on Saturday. Lets hope he is ready to revive his career. After all, he does posses a potent quick shot and can score goals when he has it all going right. I expect to see Tim Thomas back in goal for Boston as he should be. I’m not sure how you work Manny Fernandez back into game shape without sacrificing soft goals. The Bruins don’t score a lot of goals, so your goaltender can’t afford to allow gimmies.Montreal Canadiens hosting the Boston Bruins at the Bell Centre in Montreal and as always, Dave Goucher and Bob Beers will bring you all the action…tonight it will be on WODS-FM, Oldies 103.3. you can hear it in crystal clear stereo at 7:25pm.-Diehard


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