Diehard Settles a bet….Sort of!

me-montreal.jpgOne piece of personal business that I need to take care of. As most of you that read this know, I regularly play hockey three times a week. One of the guys that I play with is a Montreal native and is one of those Canadien Fans that thinks that nothing can happen to his team. Todd still thinks the shoulder check on Alexei Kovalev in the third period in the first game of the second round of the playoffs last year against the Philadelphia Flyers was a penalty. The refs, of course, did call a penalty on the Flyers and the Canadiens (Kovalev) scored to tie the game and eventually won game one.  Canadien haters like myself got the last laugh as Philly took the next four games thankfully getting rid of the Habs from the playoffs. The Canadiens were playing the Bruins in the first round as we all know and foolishly, I made a bet with my friend Todd that Boston would win the seventh game. Since he is a forward and I play goal, our bet was that he would wear a Bruin Jersey for two of our games and I would wear the familiar Jose Theodore Touque that he wore in the first “OUTDOOR” hockey game a few years ago between the Canadiens and the Edmonton Oilers for two games and would post the picture on the blog. Well of course the Bruins were humiliated in that seventh game and at our first game back in September, Todd brought said tuque to the game. But unfortunately, I could not put the tuque over my goalie helmet so I could not wear it. However, I always try to pay debts and this one is no exception. So I just took a picture of me with that ridiculous tuque on have posted it here to satisfy my debt. Somehow, Mr. Nichol will pay for this.  Not sure how…but he will!   


About Ric Duarte

Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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