Western Canada is OK….for Thomas!

So far so good for the Bruins after wins over the Oilers and the Canucks. Solid back-to-back shutout wins for Tim Thomas. As I said at the beginning of the season, Tim Thomas is and should be the number one goalie for the Boston Bruins. This should have been made three or four years ago. Unquestioned!

There is a one problem with what he is doing, his teammates NEED TO SCORE. As good as Thomas was, all it takes is one strange bounce, one moment of lack of concentration or a good breakaway and both those games are tied and possibly heading into the black hole for the Bruins which is the Shootout. And we all know how well they do in shootouts.

This trip is in sharp contrast to the previous four games  where they were shootout losers in two…a horrendous loss to the Maple Leafs and finally a good 2nd & 3rd to win against Atlanta, after a first period that looked a lot like that Toronto loss. If Thomas continues to play like he is the second coming of Patrick Roy, it won’t matter if his teammates don’t put the puck in the net. Dennis Wideman was the first back-liner that has scored. Michael Ryder finally got one and both scores were game winners in those shutouts. Yikes. 1-nothing games are great and exciting, but it can’t continue like this. The NHL is all about scoring and the B’s pop guns are getting done yet!


Now a bit of unfinished business.

I don’t know who’s responsibility it is, but can someone tell me how the hell you can paint the ice for a National Hockey League season and not have it “official”? Last week, before Saturday nights game with the Thrashers, someone, noticed that the face off circles on the west end of the garden were closer to the goal line the circles at the east end. First of all it took at least two home games before someone noticed and brought it to the attention of Bruins Management. Secondly, who is in charge of making sure the ice is correctly painted? That brings even more disgracefulness to an organization that fans already don’t have a high regard for its ownership and upper management. The Bruins did manage to rectify a weird situation by having the teams switch end halfway through the third period so both teams would be playing under the same terms, so to speak!




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