So far…so darn good!

They are winners in nine of their last 11 games, with a shootout loss against the rangers which also garners a point. In that time, Manny Fernandez is undefeated; Andrew Ference has a broken Tibia blocking a shot. Tim Thomas continues his outstanding goaltending despite being left off the All-Star ballot (Bet he makes it). Michael Ryder scored a goal and everyone is contributing to this current Bruin success. Solid outings whether they are at the Garden or on the road. And so far this year, you can’t tell what color the seat in the Garden are as they have fannies in a lot of them this year. This what Bruins hockey used to be. Cold and windy evenings crossing Causeway Street to get into the building where you know that team is going to compete and may lose, but it wouldn’t lose because of lack of effort. Coach Claude is pushing buttons and they are all the right ones. Cam Neely has been on the radio three times this season talking hockey and that doesn’t happen much unless someone gets traded or fired from the Organization. And one more thing. Your Boston Bruins are in first place, four points ahead of the second place Montréal Canadiens, five in front of the Buffalo Sabres who coincidently are at the Garden tonight. They are second in the Eastern Conference….SECOND!!

Diehard will be making his first road trip of the season this weekend to go up to the Hallowed Halls of the Bell Centre where it is without a doubt the best place to watch a hockey game. Yes, Diehard hates the Canadiens, if you grew a Bruins fan, there is no other way. But to be in Montréal and those rabid dog fans just going crazy on every play or call, you just have to experience it to know what I am referring to. Just great for a hockey fan..not a Canadien fan…a hockey fan. This weekend will be almost as much fun as Hockey Hall of Fame weekend in Toronto. Saturday, the Montreal Canadiens will be honoring the greatest goaltender (for now) ever. Number 33 will hoisted to the rafters of the Bell Centre for Patrick Roy exploits as the Canadien netminder. More on Patrick on Saturday before the game as I get settled into my seat in Montreal.  This is gonna be so much fun.

Bruins and Sabres tonight. The Panthers are in town on Friday before the big matchup with the Habs Saturday night on Patrick Roy day. As always, you can hear all Bruins games on WBZ NewsRadio1030 and with Dave Goucher and Bob Beers. And any comments you want to make, just click on the comments section at the end of the blog and speak your mind.

Go B’s.-Diehard


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