Outstanding November

10 wins, one loss and one shootout loss in the month of November. Seven wins and no losses at home. Tied for first with the New York Rangers with three less games played. Our Boston Bruins are doing things that Diehard had no idea they could do with the roster that they had beginning the season. Of course it was predominantly the same roster that finished the season on a dismal note. A 5-nothing seventh game blanking in Montreal. But after thinking it over, the roster makes sense. Those guys grew up together. They figured it out. They made a valiant effort in trying to win that series, but came up short. The coach would not let them get down. He has his system and wants everyone on the same page. The past few weeks, Boston has beaten the cream of the league including the Canadiens twice and the defending Stanley Cup Champs convincingly Saturday night. He sat Phil Kessel down in that playoff series, and although I think it may have cost them the win, it certainly has made a significant impact on his play this season. Kessel has been nothing short of outstanding in all three zones, especially on defense where he has steadily come back to help out. Phil has definitely learned a lot from the benching. The surprises have been the maturity of the second year players. Mark Stuart has been solid on defense and has a plus 4. David Krecji has seven goals on the young season with 19 points and an amazing plus 12. Rookie Blake Wheeler also a plus 12 with eight goals and 19 points. Milan Lucic, who has become popular beyond the borders of The Hub of Hockey, has contributed six goals to go along with his 58 minutes in penalties. Before the fractured tibia, Andrew Ference has done a lot of great things on defense, contrary to the many errors he had at this time last season. After being out for a month or so, Chuck Kobasew has returned to the lineup to become as productive as the rest of the lineup. And the Captain, Zzzzzzzzzz has been as solid as ever. Manny Fernandez…..What can I say. I still wonder what Peter Chiarelli saw in him but my goodness, he has been solid behind Tim Thomas and has won his last six starts. Thomas has just been immense all season. So what have we learned about the 2008-2009 edition of the Boston Bruins? Not many faces changed, but the attitude and work ethic and all around system that Claude Julien has employed, has made this team competitive, exciting and fun to watch. A lot more than I expected back in October. -Diehard


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