NHL All-Star telecast a joke!

It’s so much fun to see the greatest athletes in sport play in the National Hockey League and that’s pretty much what I tune in to see…oh..also the night before skills completion and young stars game. But watching the darn production of both is so freakin’ painful that it makes me want to join the Toronto writer to eliminate the game altogether.

NHL puts its white elephant on full display – click here for story.

Versus production of the skills competition was a joke. The channel was more interested in showing promos and commercials, interviewing players that could care less about the inane questions that were being put to them by the great Hall of Fame Broadcaster Mike Emrick and Brian Engblom, and even replays while the actual events were live and missed. I like the All-Star game. I like the seeing the great players having fun and showcasing their talents without defense. I abhor the contrived silliness that goes on minute after minute with silly gratuitous interviews that really don’t shed any information for even the novice watcher, which I assume that is why it insults us fans that know what the hell is going on. Most people watching the All-Star game and its festivities, know that the puck is not stuff. They know what a blue and Red line is. There is NO GOOD REASON to dumb down the hockey game for those of that actually enjoy watching because there is no one watching that needs to be educated about this great sport. OK, I know this isn’t unique to the All-Star game….because between Chris Simpson and Bob Harwood, I am still waiting for them to ask a hard-hitting question of any hockey player during any game that Versus airs. So this doesn’t look like I’m just picking on Versus, those hard-hitting questions don’t come from the vapid Katherine Tappen or Naoka Funayama on NESN either. I guess you could just call me old-fashioned. Give me Hall of Famer Fred Cusick and John Peirson’s no nonsense call of the game and I’ll be happy. All the extraneous horse hockey is just that!



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