Bruins-Canadiens in Montreal is the Super Bowl

This big weekend, (aren’t they all) for the Bruins culminates this afternoon before the Super Bowl with the B’s up here in frigid Montreal to face the Canadiens. Boston coming off a scintillating 1-nothing win over the Rangers and the Canadiens are pretty much the same with a 4-3 come from behind win over the visiting Los Angeles Kings. The Bruins are back sitting atop of the NHL and are enjoying getting some of their injured players back.  Those players, still shaking off some rust, should be back in stride for the final quarter of the season as they head toward the playoffs. And just what’s going on with Manny Fernandez. After playing some great hockey, all of a sudden the mysterious injuries have attacked him again. Rumours abound about the continued employment of Fernandez with Boston, and with Tuukka Rask putting on quite the show against the Rangers, something could happen sooner than later.

Today’s matinee is another of those big important games in which the Bruins will try to continue their mini-dominance of the Habs. The Bruins have at least one point in all three games against Montreal losing the first one in a shootout back in October. Since then, Boston has beaten up on the Canadiens 6-1, 3-2, and 3-1, keeping Montreal without a point. Before the Habs found a way to beat the Kings Saturday, they had lost four in a row and listening to the fans and announcers up here, you would have thought the Canadiens were in last place and not making the playoffs. But its amazing what 2 goals in the last three minutes will do for the psyche of the ‘it’s all we’ve got’ Habs fan. It was disappointing for us Bruins fans to see them comeback like that. Reminiscent of so many B’s-Habs games. Diehard loves coming up to this great city and I would love to say that I was exploring the landscape and sights of the city, but with a high temperature of 5 degrees, my hotel room and inside the local establishments is about all I wanted to venture out for. It’s super Bowl Sunday, but more important, it’s the Bruins up in Montreal to once again try to send the natives out of the Bell Centre a bit disappointed!-Diehard

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