What a weekend!

Well, I was sitting in the Bell Centre at 1pm and all was mostly quiet in a building that holds 21 thousand people. Several fans, both Boston and Habs fans had begun to mill and find their seats. Then all of a sudden, the “inmates” had a breakout from a local Montreal prison. Or was it just that someone had give the Canadiens a new pair of pajamas and because it was so cold up there, they decided to wear them as uniforms. Whatever the case, their throwup, er…throwback uniforms were dizzying and hideous. They were as awful as the play of the team itself. Sunday afternoon  I was a total fan in Montreal. I sat with my friends Steve and Todd (Montrealer) in a section of the Bell Centre that had a lot more Bruin fans that were enjoying a lot of adult beverages and we all were having a great time in this city and building that seems to think and delight in what they deem their right to win every game and no penalties should be called on them. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum…ok Bell Centre.  Your Boston Bruins do not care who the Bleu Blanc et Rouge are. Four of five games against the Habs Boston has won. And has taken a point from every game. After losing 12 straight in the regular season, the Canadiens have lost four straight against the Bruins and the victories, although close in score, have never been in doubt. Sunday’s game was thoroughly enjoyable because once again, the Bruins continue playing the way they have all season long. Forecheck, defense, great goaltending and taking advantage of turnovers. Something that on all three goals the B’s scored on Sunday, the Habs had the puck and gave it to the Bruins and Dennis Wideman, (HUGE goal with 0.6 seconds left in the first to tie the game), Shawn Thornton and Marc Savard all made the Canadiens pay for their mistakes!Montreal called up one of their goon inmates and Thornton promptly offered him a dance.  It was mostly a draw, but it just said something about the Bruins. Anything you want to throw out there on the ice, we can take it and go one better by winning the damn game. The Bruins are the number one team in the league with 80 points. Three better than Joe Thornton and the San Jose Sharks who visit the Garden next Tuesday and a whopping 18 points ahead of Montreal.When Marc Savard put the finishing touch on Boston’s winning weekend, I screamed loudly with the rest of the B’s fans high in the Bell Centre and immediately began singing the Habs fans favorite song….Ole’ Ole’ Ole’.  It was funny seeing them look at me like I am usually looking at them….like they are loonies, or is it toonies!  Whatever, it was one of my favorite experiences going to Montreal to see the Bruins play. Usually I’m up in the press box, but this time, it was just great to be a total Diehard fan.


About Ric Duarte

Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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