Number Two Sharks Eat Bruins in the Third for win.

These are the high premium games that the NHL really wants.  And it comes at a great time three quarters of the way into the season and both teams playing pretty solid hockey. Jumbo Joe Thornton making his second appearance back in Boston since the trade in ’06. Two of the top five goaltenders in the league to go along with their teams rankings. The Sharks and the Bruins played a pretty darn entertaining game last night, worthy of a playoff game, for half the game. Did ya see that second period?  Did you see the great goaltending at both ends? The breakouts, the checking, the forechecking, the defense and passing. Just what hockey is all about when played by the best teams in the league. And what a great atmosphere in the building. The Bruins lead after two periods 2-1.  Then a funny thing happened on the way to the third. They stopped doing all the things that got them that lead. They started getting hit by the sharks and they backed off of them.  It seems the B’s are having much difficulty in polishing off opponents in the third period. They let the Senators come back from a two goal lead before winning in a shootout. They let Philadelphia come back from a 2-goal lead and the Flyers won in overtime. That third period last night was probably the most miserable third I’ve seen all year.  This trend is very troubling and needs to be arrested promptly. Coach Julien says the team is fatigued and the in game injuries, they couldn’t recover. That could be very true as the B’s have just finished up 8 games in 16 days. Along with that there have been multiple lineup changes due to the many different injuries to many different players. Despite all that, they really have played well and have continued their winning ways.  Lets see if and when they get their full compliment of the roster just how good they can be.  Because the Blitzkreig that hit them in the third last night with four goals showed everyone that we need to see the real Bruins right now with everyone showing up in uniform and especially on the ice. 


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