C’mon, you knew this would happen.

Did we really think it would be all season long where the Bruins did not have a slump. Every week my hockey buddies and I would say, can you believe the Bruins? And even now we are still saying it. Despite the four game losing streak the B’s did get two points out of those games. And thank goodness they aren’t losing games like the Montreal Canadiens, (hahahhahahahha) and the New York Rangers. They have basically played the same throughout the year, despite that 3rd period against the Sharks. No reason for major distress in the fandom, just concern that they are not scoring goals like they were earlier in the year…and don’t forget, this is still a very young team up front and the learning curve is still in progress. One big problem is the injuries that keep affecting the B’s. Only 7 players have played all 57 games. Everyone else has missed games due to injury or the flu. Continuity has not been the thing with the team and when you don’t have your full compliment of players, its scoring that is really affected. Phil Kessel has not a goal in 10 games, although he had a chance to win the Nashville game in the last minute. Save Pekka Rinne. Aaron ward has been in and out of the lineup. Patrice Bergeron does not have a goal since returning from the concussion. Tim Thomas and Manny Fernandez have kept up their stellar goaltending…yes not picking on him, but that goal from the blue line on Friday by Salvador, I’m sure Thomas would want that one back. But those happen. Bruins didn’t score so the point is moot….except..they could have had at least one point. I know, I’m being negative, but these little things are big as the playoffs loom. Little battles and big saves are all part of being a complete team as you head into the after season. If not taken care of now in the next 25 game, then when. But overall, Boston is still playing the way they have all season and one the injured are no longer infirmed, then we will see what kind of team will be heading into post-season.And, still trying not to be negative, diehard does not “Believe” until the Bruins have posted a playoff win. And that has not happened since 1999 against the Carolina Hurricanes.-Diehard


About Ric Duarte

Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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