Exciting time in the NHL!

This is one of my favorite times during the National Hockey League season as the sellers and the buyers get ready to either prepare for the playoffs or prepare to rebuild. Obviously the Bruins are preparing to try and make hay in the post season, and let us try and examine what possibly they would need to go that Butch Goring push. If you don’t know who or what Butch Goring means to the playoffs, go look it up.  

The B’s need a defenseman to go along with the crop they have now.  A big strong prototypical veteran defenseman. Chris Pronger?  Sure, who wouldn’t want the big sometimes cheap shot artist. I’d take him immediately. What to give up?  The big debate is should the Bruins package young and still learning Phil Kessel. All things considered, you are still not going to win without scoring and I think Kessel scores more than Pronger helps on defense. If the Bruins are looking for a true good cap friendly veteran on defense, they should go after Toronto Maple Leaf Tomas Kaberle. Kaberle is definitely available and would be a much better fit on the Bruins Blue line than Pronger and I think at a much lower cost.  

Boston also needs a left-handed shot on their forward lines. And the bodies that would likely be a good fit for the Bruins in that “Goring” push would be someone like Keith Tkachuk. Tkachuk is one of those aging veterans that can still put the puck in the net (518) and although he has a no-trade clause in his contract with the Blues, he could be persuaded to come back home (Melrose) to the Bruins. Also, Bill Guerin, who has been in the witness protection program since warm-ups Saturday with the Islanders, would be one of those veterans that might get the B’s over the hump. Regardless,  what I don’t want the Bruins to do before 3pm on March 4, is nothing like they have done the past two seasons. Nothing is not going to put this club over the top. Nothing says that well, we have put together a good regular season with what we have and we are staying pat and will go with what got us here. Not good enough. Nothing will not get you past the first round of a seven-game series.

Time to make a splash and get us fans even more excited about what lies ahead for the 2009 edition of the Boston Bruins.



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