Why Bother?

Well, at least they made a trade. Two in fact on deadline day.The best thing about the trades is that they did not have to give up much.  Martin Karsums and Matt Lashoff were shuttled to Tampa Bay for 41-year old Mark Recchi who most likely will be in the Bruins lineup Thursday when the meet the Phoenix Coyotes, and a 2010 draft pick. Definitely not a bad pickup. Recchi brings the left-handed shot on the power play that they have been lacking all season. The B’s also picked up defenceman Steve Montador from Anaheim for Petteri Nokalainen. These trades are not bad pickups for Boston, hey, they may even be the “Goring effect”, but after doing absolutely nothing at last seasons deadline, I think we fans wanted to see something more significant. Well, at least they did not mortgage the future….but sometimes don’t you have to do that if you REALLY want to win the Stanley Cup? Don’t you have to give up a possible young star (Kessel) and claim that prize d-man or intangible player that would really solidify your lineup and lockerroom. I guess I was expecting more and don’t think that these moves will do much for the team.  Hey, I could be wrong and we will all see.  In three seasons as GM for the Bruins, there has been no trades at deadline day to put the Bruins over the top.  Lets see what Steve Montador and Mark Recchi, both of whom have won the Stanley Cup, bring to this Bruins team in the next month heading to the playoffs. 



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Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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