Can we say the Manny Fernandez experiment is over?!

So he had some pretty good games early in the year. And when he didn’t the Bruins were scoring lots of goals and Manny was feeling good about himself and his winning streak. But c’mon, did we think he was the second coming of Patrick Roy or Jim (Seaweed) Petty. But, Sunday afternoons performance in New York was abysmal!  Plain and simple.  No goaltender wants to be facing the back of his net and twice Fernandez was doing pirouettes while the puck was lying in the net. Many times he looked behind him which is the sure sign that he has no idea where the puck was after it was shot. Too many times he was down on his knees before any shot taken and he looked totally lost out there. Time for Thomas to play the remaining 15 games and all games in the playoffs.  If the Bruins expect to go anywhere, they certainly aren’t gonna get there with Manny guarding the gate. I never understood the fascination with him in the first place and now, 3 years later, I still don’t. Did he have any value at the trading deadline?  I don’t know but I wish he had been traded. The Bruins could sure use a bag of pucks right now. He showed no mettle in the game. He had already let in two goals (Gomez & Callahan) that should not have been scored. His teammates battle back to tie the game and then he screws it up again leaving an open net for the Rangers to close the deal. Sorry, its time to shut Manny down. No sense in letting him giveaway games for the Bruins. Tim Thomas has always been a work horse since Boston brought him up. Let Thomas be Thomas and the Bruins will ride him as far as they can. I like my chances with Thomas. The Bruins have no Chance with Manny being awful!  


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