Our Blundering Bruins

As the playoffs approach, do you get that feeling that we’ve been here before? This is getting very scary. It was 2004 and after several years of just what the hell is this Bruins hockey you speak of…where apathy had set in on Diehard in a big way, they lured me back in all the way.  Excited with the promise of going deep into the postseason. Number one in all the league and in the first round a 3-1 series lead over their biggest rival. To have it all come crashing down in a game 7 2-0 shutout was one of the biggest daggers that they have let in my heart over the past 37 years. Doesn’t this remind you of that fateful year? Not really but we’ll see.  What is does say is that this young team really needs some maturity. They need to know what it takes to get into AND through the playoffs. It means, no taking shifts off. It means, working hard at all the little things that made you stay up with the big club all season. It means not taking the ticky tack penalties that you took in the last three games. It’s not like they haven’t calling them all year. And it really means burying your chances when get them.  SCORING. And the Bruins scoring has been off since that big game, in which they lost, against the San Jose Sharks.They have been an inconsistent team since January was pulled off the calendar. If it weren’t for the big lead they had back on Feb 1, the Bruins would be fighting with the likes of Montreal, New York, Pittsburgh, & Carolina for playoff positioning or worse, getting into the tournament.Sunday’s game against the Penguins was ripe for the picking. Mathieu Garon looked like Manny Fernandez last Sunday in New York and yet the Bruins had too many penalties and Tim Thomas was not, well, Tim Thomas. Yet the Bruins could not put them away at any point. From Diehard’s point of view, it was frustrating to watch because, you knew, that with a bit of discipline, this would not have been close. But when you are not working hard, you use the stick, the free hand, and interfere. And that’s what the undisciplined Bruins did. And Pittsburgh has too much firepower and boy did they make the Bruins pay. So, it just remains to be seen if they are gonna stick yet another dagger in Diehard’s heart as April approaches with the most anxiety time in all of sport for me, (yes there was that excruciating Yankees-Red Sox series in 2004), or will they come back to the December-January Bruins and take all that apprehension away and say they were only joking! I’ll be there either way…but it will be ugly if it’s the former. 



About Ric Duarte

Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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