What can we expect from the Bruins?

The Bruins have nine games left in the regular season and right now Diehard has no idea which way these Bruins will go. Will they be the world beaters of December and January or the February –  March gang that couldn’t skate straight, especially in the third period! Thursday, with a 2-0 lead going into the third, Los Angeles wins the game in overtime. Sunday, with a three goal lead in the third the Bruins were outshot 17-3 and took 4 consecutive penalties and managed to come away with the victory against the Devils and Martin Brodeur. That is not the remedy for the things that have ailed Boston the past two months. A win is a win is a win for the B’s especially since they do not play again until Saturday night up in Toronto. And you always want a big break to come with a victory. So with these nine games left in the season, it will be a harbinger of what we could be seeing in mid April when the tension is ratcheted up and they face the same opponent for four to seven times. If the playoffs began today, (and I know they don’t but don’t we all have to play this game) it would be last year all over again as Boston and Montreal would square off again only this time the Bruins would be the number one seed and Montreal struggling to get into the tournament and on a downward spiral. But we’ve seen too much of this rivalry to take anything for granted.Hopefully, the Bruins will take this break and recaptured what got them in a position of cruise control to stay number one in the Eastern conference.  Good solid play at both ends of the ice and the physical toughness and winning those little battles. The youngsters need to get back some of the chutzpah that they had earlier in the year and Tim Thomas needs to do nothing more than what he has been all season long!  Outstanding!!!  Why shouldn’t he win the Georges Vezina?!?!?!Diehard watches a ton of hockey because he has no life and there’s a lot of bad goaltending in the National Hockey League. Here in Boston, we have seen no such thing, save for one 80 foot slapper in OT. Thomas has been the most consistent goalie in the league. So, it’s up to the forwards and defensemen to do their jobs Protecting, scoring and checking fighting when necessary as we all tense up once the season ends and tournament play begins!


About Ric Duarte

Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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