So They Meet Again

24-7..No it’s not a time thing. It’s the playoff record the Montreal Canadiens own over the Boston Bruins. Yeah, it seems that they play each other in the playoffs every year, that’s because every game in the regular season seems like a playoff game and now here we go again. Last year it was the Bruins just barely getting in and facing the Habs as the number one seed. This year, totally reversed. The Bruins have been pretty consistent all season with only a late season funk that usually happens somewhere in the middle of the season. They survived it and the B’s are back to the play that kept them at the top of the league for just about all season. Your Boston Bruins scored the most goals of any team in the league this year while allowing the fewest and Manny Fernandez & Tim Thomas will share the Jennings Trophy for that feat!But, and we cannot forget the big but, The Bruins have not won ANY playoff series since 1999. And with this years edition, they have pulled the faithful back, with apprehension into their bosom. The Bruins are just about as a complete of a team that’s still playing hockey. The “kids” who all seem to hit a bit of a wall around game 65, have come back from the funk are playing like they should be. And never underestimate the deadline deal of acquiring Mark Recchi. Recchi had 10 goals in 18 games with the B’s and is not afraid to stand in the slot, and take the hits and tip the pucks!Bruin defense has been tremendous with Norris trophy candidate Captain ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ leading the way. Even though I still have problems with Dennis Wideman not getting shots through, how can I complain with what he has done this year on the blue line. Right Dave! Andrew Ference has had a solid year despite the injuries. Hopefully he will be in the lineup tomorrow night.And then there is Tim Thomas. Simply outstanding all season long. Definitely my pick for the Vezina TrophyMontreal’s leading scorer, a defenceman, Andre Markov, is out of the playoffs with an injury. The Habs have been in disarray for the better part of the second half of the season. Exiling their enigma Alexei Kovalev back to Montreal for a few games while the team was on a losing road trip. Losing 20 of 32 games during that time. Carey Price, the anointed one, has not been anything close to the king the Habs were looking for. So, what will be the intangible this year. Because you know there is always someone or something that makes some huge difference in the course of the opening round of the playoffs. I don’t make predictions because I think they are foolish, but should the Boston Bruins continue to play like they have all season, there is no way they should not be advancing to the second round. They are just a better team all around than the Canadiens. 


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Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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