A Few Thoughts From Montreal On The Off Day!

A few thoughts while in my hotel room and its rainy windy and raw in Montreal!In the playoffs all time, the Canadiens have beaten the Boston Bruins 99 times. Should the Canadiens get swept Wednesday night at Les Cathedral Bell Centre, their 100th season will go up in flames. Sacre Bleu!I said this when the Canadiens and my friend Todd was trynig to foist Carey Price on the hockey world as the next Patrick Roy, ‘He has no glove, he is down on his knees too much and when he down there, anything on the ice is fine…anything not on the ice better hit him because he ain’t stopping it. And when he gives up those rebounds off those pads like he did Monday night, he is out of position and bang, goal. And a lot of the people up here are saying the first goal by Phil Kessel was flukey. I say an emphatic NO! Top goalies, which he is not, make that save in a big playoff game.Are the Canadiens in hockey shape at all?  If you look at each of the first three games and Montreal has come out to skate fast and hit the Bruins and try to intimidate them. Of course the Bruins would have none of it. But after 10 minutes of the first, and the Bruins brush them away like fleas, the Habs crawl back into their shell and are just not into the physical stuff.Remember when the Bruins signed Michael Ryder in the off season. Then he was off to a real slow start and everyone is saying why did they sign him.  Well, he only has two game winners against the team that kept him in the doghouse last season and was a healthy scratch for 8 of the Canadiens 12 playoff games last season. Ryder was quite humble after the game saying that “so far, nothing has been accomplished, but it is nice to come back into this building and score a big goal.”If you check a few weeks ago, Diehard made his pick for the Georges Vezina Trophy as top goalie for the season. Tim Thomas has done nothing in this playoff to dispel that notion. As I said, he has been solid to great all season and continues to be just fantastic in three games. Making the saves that top goalies in the playoffs make.Last year, Phil Kessel had not yet laced up his skates for a playoff game in the NHL. Since he finally dressed in game 4 of last season’s playoff against these same Canadiens, his totals are seven games played, six goals, three assists and a plus three. Just imagine if he wasn’t a healthy scratch in those first three games last year. And finally, Diehard hasn’t been a huge fan of Dennis Wideman since the trade that sent Brad Boyes to St. Louis. But he has really turned my head around. Dave Corso, a guy I play hockey with regularly has been shouting how great Wideman is but I chalk that up as everyone has someone they really like. I called Dave last night after the second period and told him that Wideman was having a hell of a game and it turned out that I wasn’t the only one that recognized that fact. Pat Hickey, Habs beat writer for the Montreal Gazette, picked the three stars of the game. Number three star was Yannick Weber with a goal and an assist. Number two star was Phil Kessel. And the number one star was Dennis Wideman.Outstanding!!! 


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