All Even And Heading South.

Well, we certaintly didn’t think they were gonna win ‘em all. But it was the way they lost that is of concern. For all the good things that Bruins have done so far this playoff year, Sunday nights 3-0 loss to the Hurricane was a bunch of bad things. Mostly turnovers and not taking care of the puck. A shorthanded goal and a breakaway that should have been a goal despite the powers that be in the “War Room” in Toronto saying otherwise. And mostly just a second period that was just awful by Bruin standards. They looked like they were out for a shinny game. Maybe its what they needed. But not in round two of the playoffs.  Did they think that the Hurricanes were gonna keep that New Jersey hangover? Well it’s a series now and with losing the home ice advantage, they must get one down in Raleigh. No I’m not jumping off the bandwagon cuz we’ve seen the coach put these guys right back on track and away they go. Lets just hope this was an aberration, an anomaly, a brain fart and the next 60 minutes will produce the good solid stuff that we’ve come to expect.They have to know that you can’t take periods or even a shift off in the playoffs otherwise you lose, despite playing a great third period, you already were down two and should have been three. The B’s have had a problem on the powerplay and haven’t scored on the man-advantage since game two of round one. Of course former Conn Smythe winner Cam Ward had an awful lot to say about that. He was tremendous in the third period when Boston was besieging the Hurricanes with 15 shots on net and Ward stopped ‘em all including two spectacular saves late in the game.Wednesday & Friday games in Raleigh, NC before returning to Boston on Sunday, Mother’s Day. May 10. 39 years since Bobby Orr Day.  You youngsters, go look it up! Go B’s -Diehard


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