Are we at the end of the road?

I guess we’ll see what they are made of.  Today is Bobby Orr Day and the Boston Bruins are at a place we’ve seen so many times. On home ice in the playoffs and one loss from another disappointing end to a promising season. We’ve seen it all before and the history lessons for the B’s in this spot are not good. 14-39 record when down 3-1 does not bode well for the Bruins.And it’s the way they got here that’s troubling for us fans.  Defense, moving the puck up and out of the zone, forechecking, the power play and good goaltending. These things have been non-existent in the last three games..all losses. Despite the fact game 3 went into overtime, Boston didn’t really deserve to be in that game. Well against the Carolina Hurricanes, who look to put the Bruins in the wake tonight at the garden, they haven’t shown the fight, discipline, or the ability to beat Cam Ward.What will they bring to the ice tonight. Will they fight back and hopefully get a win and live to play another day or will the 37 year tradition continue.  This is hard to gauge. All I know is that they need to get back to playing the way that made them number one in the east. Was the regular season a big ruse? Were we lulled into a false sense of security?  I don’t think so, but after dispatching the Candiens, a really bad team, maybe they thought this would be easy and that they would roll over the ‘Canes. Well tonight it’s time to put up or shut up and melt the ice.  Go B’s!  Happy Birthday Coop! 


About Ric Duarte

Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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