He’s gone!

Well, here we go again. It seems to me that every time you think that the Bruins are going in the right direction, they throw us a huge curve. Last night they traded Phil Kessel, their leading goal scorer, to the Toronto Maple Leafs for right now seems to be a bag of pucks and a couple of practice jerseys. Then was immediately signed to a five year 27 million dollar contract.
We do know that there was no way the Bruins were going to pay that kind of money to Kessel and there were rumors that he wasn’t the team player that Claude Julien demands from his players. Just look at the first year Julien was here, he sat Kessel out for the three games of the players and the Bruins never recovered from a 3 games to one deficit although forcing the series to seven games led by Kessel. Julien doesn’t stand for players not committed to defense.
Now the B’s have sent the 21-year old forward and his 36 goals (66 overall) to the Leafs for three draft picks.
Draft picks. What good is draft picks this year. I do not believe that the Bruins are a better team than they were last year. Sure, David Krecji and Blake Wheeler had nice seasons last year, but both seemed a bit burned out by years end.
We also know how well some of the Bruins draft picks over the years have panned out…..or not. And when they have panned out, they are eventually traded away for one reason or another.
For me, your humble Diehard Bruins fan, I hate this trade. I’m still having problems with the Brad Boyes and Kris Versteeg trades. I think we all knew they weren’t gonna sign him, but couldn’t they get someone for him. Three draft picks in two years certainly is not gonna bring those 36 goals to the B’s this season. I’m wondering are we headed back to the depths of earlier this decade? In three years are we gonna have the same problem with Krecji? Wheeler? And what of Sarvard and Chara after this season. So many questions to be asked of this Bruins organization but one thing we do know is that they don’t have Phil Kessel to kick around anymore. UGH


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