And then there was Tim Thomas.

Well, they are now at .500 after eight games. No it wasn’t easy, but they made it a win and with a bunch of minor leaguers in the lineup as major injuries to major players caused the baby B’s to be called up and they played tonight.
It was NOT a thing of beauty but a hard working effort and some really timely saves by Tim Thomas.
Who knows what they will do on Thursday against the Flyers down in Philly, but for this night with the home crowd not know what to expect, they put out a pretty decent, if erratic effort for the two points.
For me, the big goal was in the second period as Patrice Bergeron told possession of the puck and would not let it go before finally getting it back to the point and after the shot putting it home and tying the game. It was his hard work from his own end all the way down to the Nashville end and putting by the stick of Dan Ellis before he could get back in the net and tie the game at 2. Steve Begin scored his first goal as a Bruin which proved to be the game winner and Thomas made two really fine saves to preserve the victory, something that has eluded him so far this young season.
Back to back games as they head to Philadelphia and should be a good test for these Bruins. They’ve lost back to back games a couple of times and have yet to put two wins together. It would give their fans a lot to cheer for if they go down and beat a formidable opponent in the Broad Street Bullies. Sorry, but yes I remember 1974 and Kate Smith. Youngsters, go look it up! LOL


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