Bruins Preds Tonight! Ho Hum!

So, what are we to make of this team. They are 3-4 and tonight they play the Predators back at home at the Garden.
Milan Lucic, and Marc Savard are on long term disablility. Lucic with a broken and surgically repaired finger and Savard with a broken foot. Meanwhile in their losses the Bruins look like a team that at times can’t get out of their own way, can’t shoot straight and the most glaring is the lackadasical part of it where they seem to think they can lace up the skates and the wins will be there.
Well, we all know that isn’t the trademark of the Boston Bruins and in true Harry Sinden fashion, Peter Chiarelli is looking to put a halt to that promptly.
Chuck Kobasew has been shipped off to the Minnesota hinterlands for a bag of pucks and a lot, and I do mean a lot of Baby Bruins have been called up to fill in for the missing players.
It will be interesting to see who is in Claude Julien’s lineup tonight as it will be a mix and match and who skating with whom.
I’d feed you the names of the victims…er…players except most of us have no clue who they are. If you want to look ‘em up, the Boston Bruins wesite will gladly accommodate. All I know is that Trent Whitfield was called up to “replace” Marc Savard and according someone I know named Kanitemare, he has 11 goals in 177 NHL games!
So, lets hope that the coach has had them do some sould searching as to how they have been playing and maybe we’ll see those results tonight. Good results!


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