Busy Days for the Bruins

So just what should we make of this Bruins team after a ten pack of games. They are on a loss, win, loss, win, loss, win pattern and if it weren’t for just a great comeback in the last two minutes of the Ottawa game, and winning it in the shootout, it would have been two losses in a row. Even goaltender Tim Thomas thought the game was lost. But here they are one game over 500 and in ninth place in the conference. A few injuries have hampered the B’s for a bit and in this cliché driven world, everyone says its time for the likes David Krecji and Blake Wheeler to come to the front of the class and show what they are made of in this NHL.
They have allowed 32 goals while scoring 30. The goaltending has been as erratic as the team itself. But Tuuka Rask has shown great promise in his nonchalance style of play and Tim Thomas in his last two starts has looked like his Georges Vezina self.
Now it’s time for the Boston Bruins to put all the pieces together and go on a winning streak. They play three games in four days this weekend and continue on an every other day schedule through November. Thursday it’s the New Jersey Devils at the Garden and they usually give the Bruins a hard way to go. And even more, Martin Broduer is chasing a bit of history. Brodeur, with his next shutout will tie the NHL mark for shutouts. That mark is currently held by Terry Sawchuk at 103.
The weekend presents matinees with the Edmonton Oliers on Saturday at the Garden before they make their wake to New York to meet the Rangers. It’s time for the B’s to come together and get on the track that made them number on in the Eastern Conference last year! Otherwise, it could be a long winter.


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    I added your blog to bookmarks. And i’ll read your articles more often!

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