Time to Put Up or Shut UP!

First of let me say that the Bruins continue to play well and have been a model of consistency on defense including the goaltenders. But c’mon, eight goals in six games and shut out in three of those. Sorry but that just ain’t good enough in anyone’s NHL. And getting beat by the likes of the Florida Panthers is a crime in itself.
But the main focus is no one can score. NO ONE! Those (ahem) 40 shots that they put on Tomas Volkoun, most of them were from way outside where he could see them. Sure there were a couple of tips but for the most part, this game, Jack Edwards hyperbole aside, was a snoozefest because the Boston Bruins cannot put the puck in the net. If Volkoun was standing on his head making great save after great save ala Ron Tugnutt back in 1991 it would be a different story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EHJ99HSVhM The were mostly routine stops although a lot of ‘em, but mostly routine.
Claude Julien says you can’t get on the team for not scoring when they are indeed trying. I agree. So what comes next? How do you get the Bruins to score more. Does your GM needs to look for more scoring. Do they use the shooter tutor in practice? Something has to be done because no matter how good your goaltender is, and both have been very good so far this year, if you ain’t putting the puck in the net it doesn’t matter how good the goalies are.
The B’s are in Pittsburgh for a rematch and I’m sure they won’t see the same Penguins that didn’t show up on Tuesday past.


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  1. Crasty says:

    I added your blog to bookmarks. And i’ll read your articles more often!

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