On The Road Again!

The Bruins open a four game road trip tomorrow with the Atlanta Thrashers. I would say that they are glad to getaway from home and play better on the road, but they are just as bad on the road as they are at home. In seven road games, Boston has five losses including that lovely loss in Pittsburgh on Saturday last.
How long before this team, minus Marc Savard & Milan Lucic, gets their act together before its too late? They need wins and points as they are falling fast in the division. Right now at the quarter pole of the season, your Boston Bruins sit comfortably, ahem, in 11th place in the conference. You know what that gets you! A handshake and thanks for coming but you are not moving on to the playoffs. Yes it’s early…but I said that after 10 games and things have not gotten any better since…maybe a bit worse. After the debacle on Saturday they come out with that Monday night snoozefest, it makes you wonder what the hell is going on here?
They let the Islanders do anything they wanted and even had Bruins blinds-eye rooter Jack Edwards resigned to the team just ain’t that good. Maybe they aren’t but they should be playing hard and we didn’t see that on Monday. Maybe it was the hangover from the Pittsburgh 4th and two. Oh wait..different horrendous play but I think you get my drift.
We’ll know in the next four games if they are bringing what needs to be brought to compete for playoff position.


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