A Couple of Things

It seems to me that signing Marc Savard to a long term contract is a good thing…and a bad thing.
The good part is that a very good player will remain with the Bruins for a long time. Savard has been a catalyst for the Bruins to score. He’s sometimes remarkable when the Bruins are on the power play. He makes pretty much all the right plays and where would Boston be without him. He’s led the team in scoring the last two seasons, is a team leader and a magnificent passer hence all those assists.
The fact that he will be in Boston for what looks like the rest of his career is simply, on it’s surface, a really good thing.
Now, as it stands for the Bruins and future travails of the team trying to get players, in my humble opinion it handcuffs them dramatically. After studying this “capology” and reading various reports, for the length of the contract, the Bruins will have a 4 million dollar cap hit. Savard will be making 7 mil in his first few years. (nice work if you can get it). Which brings me to the Boston management and its dollars.
For years we fans have said the Bruins do not spend money to bring a quality team to the garden. Now they seem to spend money like a drunken sailor only they can’t figure out the right mix of players to spend it on. In the tail end of Mike O’Connell’s tenure as GM he brought in the likes of Martin Lapoint for 5 mil a year, Alexei Zhamnov…ALEXEI FRIGGIN ZHAMNOV….for 4mil per year.
Then the first year of the current Chiarelli administration, they hired Dave Lewis as coach. Now I know that doesn’t go against salaries, but its to show a point. Your Captain, Zdeno Chara will make 7.5 mil this year and next. If you think he has been worth it, you need to look harder. He has had one good year since coming to the Bruins. That was last season. The other years have been mediocre at best.
Traded away was someone that can put the puck in the net, Brad Boyes for Dennis Wideman another mediocre defenseman that has a really hard time not getting his shot blocked repeatedly. Again, like Chara, had a good year last season…..all other…meh.
My biggest disappointment was Chiarelli trading prospect Kris Versteeg for Brandon Bochenski. You have got to be kidding me!
So now they have tied up more money in a few players, which won’t leave much for the other players that you need to sign each year.
Just think, if they had wanted to sign Phil Kessel this past off season, they certainly wouldn’t have had the money to do it without the lineup being a bunch of stiffs from Providence.
These are just a few examples of the current Boston Bruins leadership that are doing things that I think will not bring a Cup to Boston.
It’s been such a long time and we fans have been filled with teases that the B’s were getting better and it seems that, to paraphrase a quote from Syl of the Sopranos, “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in!”


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3 Responses to A Couple of Things

  1. Well, Shaggy, Tampa Bay is not New Jersey, neither is it those mean, awful Penguins. The local six has to spank a few elite clubs, and stop the last minute goals against for me to get more excited about this team. Pains me to see PK lighting it up for the Leaves, but it hurts less when he does well and Toronto loses. The B’s are like the Pats after the Seymour trade, “We have high draft picks!!!!” Great, that doesn’t help s now, and we need help now. Our guys lost to Carolina last spring, and look at the Hurricanes this campaign…they stink. The Bruins need another scorer with bulk, most definatly need a BIG center to offset the big centers they’ll go up against the rest of the season and hopefully, deep into the playoffs. Let’s use one of those Kessel draft picks and get a masher to wear down opponents big guys in the middle. They don’t have to be a prolific scorer, just a big strong, body to pummel the other teams top centers, a la a Joel Otto, or a Jason Arnott type. This team shows flashes of brilliance, but as always, they need some more to be a threat to make us happy, really, really happy, for the first time since 1972. I love this team and I always will, but they need some more ingredients to move up in the pecking order of elite NHL clubs. Go Bruins!

  2. Interesting and informative. But will you write about this one more?

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