Kessel Returns to Boston Saturday!

So the young prodigal son makes his Boston return. Not since the Carolina Hurricanes dispatched the Bruins in last seasons playoffs have we seen Phil Kessel. And I just wonder what kind of reception he will get when returning to TD Garden Saturday. Especially after Peter Chiarelli said he never wanted to play in Boston. I don’t really know, but I think there is a lot more to those negotiations, or lack there of, than the Bruins brass let on. Anyway, The Toronto Maple Leafs are a pretty abysmal team right now. They had one win in the month of October. Their goaltenders are ridiculous sieve’s and although they can beat you up, they cannot score. Except for guess who. Bingo! Former Bruin Phil Kessel.
Since returning from injury he has played in 15 games and is second in goal scoring with 10 behind Niklas Hagman with 13 who has played in all 27 of the Leafs games. I’m not gonna whine and say the Bruins made a mistake in letting him go, but at the time, I said where are they gonna get those goals he scored last season for the B’s. Kessel critics pointed to several Bruins still on the roster. Well right now, the Bruins have struggled all season long to score goals and coming within a pulled goalie of getting shutout 3 games in a row.
Kessel has more goals than any Boston Bruin player. He has more points (15) than all Bruins except two, Patrice Bergeron (21) and your Captain Zdeno Chara (16). No Bruin has double digit goals.
So, until those draft picks that Boston received from Toronto for singing Kessel materialize and how the Bruins make those picks which is the big thing, I guess I have to just hold my judgement on Boston letting him go. I will always say that now is better than later and wished that Kessel was still part of the Bruins but hey, Boston is in first place in the division while Toronto is in last.
We’ve seen what happens in the playoffs despite Boston’s positioning but it’s a long season.



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  1. Very interesting and amusing subject. I read with great pleasure.

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