Step Up! Step Up! Step Up!

That’s what everyone says when a teammate goes out of the lineup and its expected for the next level of players to step into the shoes of the better player.
Well, that’s all hogwash. And if you take off your black and gold glasses, you can see the “step up” hardly ever works.
Your Boston Bruins have had several major injuries to its top players and everyone expects those second tier players to “arrive” and give the Bruins that umph that teams need when others go down.
Well, sorry…there has been none of that step up from this edition of the team.
The only players that have been consistent in their game this season is Patrice Bergeron who has lead the team in scoring for much of the season and is tied for second in goal scoring. Your Captain, Zedon Chara, after what I consider a slow start, has been pretty sensational as a Norris Trophy winner should. OK…I thought that they should not have kept the ancient Mark Recchi this year, but he has been pretty valuable with his eight goals also. Marc Savard… with only 17 games under his belt, what’s up with his scoring more goals (8) than assists which really explains the B’s lack of proficiency in the goal scoring.
According to the team, Marco Sturm and Michael Ryder should be in the upper echelon of the team and should not have to “step up” but my goodness, these two have been virtually non-existent. Sure Ryder has eight goals but he has played 32 games. And can you really tell me that he was a factor much so far this season. Same for Sturm. He has played every game and leads the team in goals yet a lot of time he looks invisible.
David Krecji, Blake Wheeler are no longer “kids” and it really is their time for the big “step up”. Now is the time for those two to get what its all about and bring their game to the next level like they did in their rookie season. This is year number three for those guys and they have been given enough ice time to show just what we fans can expect. Right now it’s a mixed bag of not much more than average!
The rest of the roster is just not gonna be much of a factor. Role players at best. Two of the Bruins best players – Milan Lucic & Savard – have been hurt much of season. But when in the lineup have produced admirably. Now its time for those second tier players to “step up” and show us that they belong on this team and can produce with regularity.


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