Boston Bruins Hit Rock Bottom!!

Earlier in the year, the Boston Bruins weren’t winning because they lacked scoring. They couldn’t put the puck in the ocean if they fell out of a boat. Now that little infection has spread like a flesh eating disease. Every part of the Bruins game is abysmal. From coach to goaltending and everything in between. I haven’t seen a Bruins team this bad since the dark days of Pat Burns and Dave Lewis and boy is this team in trouble. First of all half the regulars are hurt and out of the lineup. And if what is brought up each time from Providence to fill in, well this organization is in deep doo doo. From being on the verge of something nice and special two seasons ago, to being hapless, listless and wondering which way do we go, once again it seems we have been fooled by the Bruins into believing this team could just compete…..never mind compete for a Championship. Maddening and frustrating is all I get when I sit down to watch them. What happened to the fight they had earlier and even though they would would be a competitive game. Now they seem to just be going through the motions and NO ONE is picking up any slack or to use that awful cliché, “step up”. The lose to Carolina showed the coach looking like he had been hit with a brick. He had that clueless face look that says it all when you get routed by the last place team in your conference. I would say this is getting ugly but it already is putrid!
Four days off to wallow in their losses and then up to Buffalo to face the first place Sabres. How could things get any worse you ask? How about after the Sabres, they face the Caps, and the Canadiens twice in the next couple of weeks and then four road games heading into the Olympic break.
They are out of the playoffs right now and unless something dramatic happens, it’ll be another non-playoff year as 38 years seem to fly by. Oh by the way, not to kick a man when he is down, Dennis Wideman an amazing minus 4 against the Hurricanes!


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