Bruins Shuffle Off To Buffalo!

They’ve been off four days that speared on lots of talk about trades and who is to blame for this current awful month of what is supposed to be professional hockey. They get back to work tonight up in Buffalo to face the third place in the conference Sabres. The Bruins have won the two games against Buffalo but we know trends really mean nothing in sport. You have to go out there and bust your butt every game otherwise you wind up being 5-in-a-row losers and 10th in your conference and out of the playoffs.
Lets examine a possible trade and what the Bruins would have to give up should they actually want to pursue the best next year unrestricted free agent.
When last we looked at a major trade with the Atlanta Thrashers, in 2008 they were sending their soon to be unrestricted free agent that they knew they could not sign and he did not want to stay in Georgia to Stanley Cup Finalists. They sent Marion Hossa to the Pittsburgh Penguins for forwards Colby Armstrong and Erik Christensen, highly regarded prospect Angelo Esposito and a first-round draft choice to the Thrashers in that deal.
So, in my little pea brain, you cannot fall in love with players you THINK might be the greatest thing since Cam Neely made his way here from Vancouver. The biggest thing that the Bruins could do would be to somehow sign and trade for Ilya Kovalchuk. In this era, the Boston Bruins have never had a player that could just about score at will. Kovalchuk is that player. The problem is do they want to rent Kovalchuk. And want do they want to give up to get him! I don’t ever think I am a hockey General Manager although I play one here and in our Stoneham locker room, I do think that the recent history of the Thrashers would or could allow the Bruins to acquire Kovalchuk without giving up that number 3 pick that they have courtesy of the Toronto Maple Leafs. There are enough players on this team that don’t seem to be able to play up to the level that they did last year that Peter Chiarelli should be able to put a decent deal together without out losing the good nucleus of the team.
But, being a fan of this team for 40 plus years, there is no way any of that happens! It has never happened and I don’t think it will this year either.
All I know is that management is having problems with the cap and its all their fault. Tim Thomas…6 million a year. Michael Ryder, 4 million…Marc Savard & Patrice Begeron 5 million. Dennis Wideman 3.7 million to name a few. These contracts are killers and especially when the players aren’t playing even close to last years efforts. David Krejci 3.5 and Blake Wheeler have been complete 3rd years busts! Not good! Marco Sturm….HA! and has Derek Morris really made a difference with his 3.3 mil salary. I don’t think so.
Its time for the Bruins to take the bull by the horns if they want Kovalchuk and get rid of some of the flotsam and jetsam that are filling up this roster with efforts like the last time we saw them in Carolina!
The February schedule is full of games and none are easy for the B’s. I say make the trade NOW. Sign him and get that Spoked B on his chest promptly, and you will have your sniper that you’ve never had!



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