Nothing Happening Here!

OK Boys and Girls. Are we ready for another trade deadline passage where the Bruins do little or nothing. We have seen this before. Last years trade deadline brought us Mark Recchi and that’s all! The last trade of any significance was in 2003 when they traded some guy named Jeff Jillson for Brad Boyes! Between then and now, we have been forced to see them stand pat with the team they began the season with. I don’t expect anything less this year! Another lost season for the hard working folks who fork over thousands for the right to see this team score more than three goals just once in the New Year which amounts to 14 games.
Lets face it…last season was a pure and simple over acheivement for the Boston Bruins. From Coach of the Year, to Vezina and Norris. Yes they all played well, but it was a perfect storm and you had reason to believe that it would be a learning process for the players and they woould be better this season. Instead, tons of under achieving by this team. Listless play and looking like they haven’t a clue on most fundamentals. And of course, there are the injuries. But sorry, this team, injuries aside is just a horrible team. No one shows accountablilty for themselves and it sure seams to me that the coach isn’t holding them accountable. The players still have the ice time despite the no emotion figure eights they are doing out there. How long is this supposed to go on. Are they looking for their own top three pick to go along with the one they may or may not get from the Toronto Maple Leafs? The Leafs went out and got a solid 24 year old defenceman in Dion Phaneuf and what I think is the key to more winning is former Conn Smythe winner Jean-Sebastien Giguere as their goaltender.
So we have 31 days to see if your Boston Bruins have the fortitude to go out and do something that will improve the team to where they make the playoffs or as is usually the case, do nothing and tell the fandom too bad we have your money and we know you are not gonna give us up….yet!



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Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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