Bruins Management

This time its all about Peter Chiarelli. We Bruins fans knew with all our heart that there was no way the Bruins were going to land the only person out there who can thread a need with his stick and score goals at will. Ilya Kovalchuk would never see what the Zakim Bridge looks like at night all lit up. Despite all our hopes and dreams, admit it, we knew it was just that. A pipe dream.
Chiarelli said that he was not going to trade the Toronto draft pick he acquired for Phil Kessel. He said he was not going to mortgage the team for a rental. All those cliches to NOT do something. Well, Mr. Chiarelli, it’s time you tell us…or better yet show us what you ARE going to do. We’ve had enough of what isn’t being done to improve this joke of a team, please give us something, anything that will give us hope of what the local hockey product claims to be a professional hockey club cuz right now I don’t see it! Did you hear Claude Julien say that this team “dominated” the Washington Capitals on Tuesday? Is management on this team really thinking that the team is good? Granted they have played the last two games with more intensity that the past two weeks, but they are in 12th place in the Eastern Conference. Twelth place! They could have given up that Toronto pick for Ilya Kovalchuk (there I go dreaming again) because they are gonna have their own top 5 pick.
So now the General Manager needs to tell us and show us exactly why we should be laying down good money to watch such pitiful games. Why we should even care about the Boston Bruins. (because we will always care..its what we hockey fans do) And that’s the rub. We watch every game, we root for the team to do well even though we know in the end that this organization will do its damnedest to break everyone’s heart. Chiarelli tells us he’s not going to do this and that and meanwhile he is doing absolutely nothing which means wait till next year!
The Coach has rose colored glasses on if he thinks this team is playing well with nothing to show for it.
I and the fans should be used to this but because we care it really does hurt. Especially since this goes on constantly. It was pretty much the same in Harry Sinden’s later years and the Mike O’Connell years were just tragic.
Now we have the “Outsiders” who don’t seem to know what they are doing to rescue the B’s from oblivion. There must be reason Julien was fired twice….once with an overall first place team with 2 games left before heading into the playoffs! Last years over achievers have left us with the Chicken Little syndrome.



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