Canada Wins!

So let me get this straight. We “hockey fans” just witness one of the greatest tournaments of our lifetime, and truly probably the greatest hockey game I’ve ever witnessed and The NHL Commissioner said this is the NHL.
Who the hell is he trying to kid. And for all you people who write sports for a living or talk on the radio, yes it was good for hockey. But if you think it will bring one more fan into what we hockey fans and players like about our sport, you also are wearing those same puck-colored glasses.
First the commish; That game was not the NHL. It was played by the HIGHEST quality NHL players and boy it was great. Hey Bettman, maybe if the league was down to 12 teams, even 16 you could say this “might” be the NHL.
The Olympics just had the best and talented 46 players from the National Hockey League face off against each other in a border war game for the Gold medal and you couldn’t ask for a more intense hard hitting and entertaining game. It was truly what everyone wanted it to be. How could you have not liked what you saw. Mr. Commish, until you get rid of the teams that 40 people show up to their games, what you saw yesterday if far from the NHL as Soccia, Russia is…where ever the hell that is.

Now for all you dreamers who think that this is gonna be the Bobby Orr thing and spark new interest in our sport, GET REAL! The high ratings and interest in the Gold Medal game is Jingo-ism and the fact that the two teams were as good as its gets.
People like me who have no life and watch any NHL hockey game they can get on their tv know that the NHL is not played like what you saw on Sunday by any stretch of the imagination. I’m sure the “casual fan” is sitting by their tv’s waiting for that Montreal Canadiens-Boston Bruins game on Tuesday! NOT! Most of ‘em don’t even know if the puck is stuffed or puffed! I don’t think that kids are gonna leave their computer games and decide that they wanna be Zack Parise or Patrick Kane or Sidney Crosby.
Just let it be what it was. Our sport being showcased brilliantly!

A couple of quickies: Someone tell Jeremy Roenick there is no crying in hockey and especially Olympic hockey!

And finally, if there is a better hockey broadcaster than Mike Emrick….enough said!

Now back to the Ho Hum NHL Season!



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