So here is where we are. Embarassed to be a Bruin fan. The Penguins after the game in their locker room, laughing at the fact that Shawn Thornton was named the number three star of the game.
The season is officially over. The Boston Bear is tougher than anyone on that ice last night. Shawn Thorton, you do have my respect. No one else does. The purse swing cat fight that Chara had with Rupp, c’mon. The things that happened at the TD Garden last in no way resembled Boston Bruins hockey!
If you check previous posts from Diehard, you will see that I have said many times last year and this year, “there is a reason Claude Julien was fired by the Devils and Canadiens”. My friend Michele, several years ago named him Mr. Potato Head. and in my estimation Mr. Potato Head  is clueless. When you have a game that is supposed to be as hard hitting a game and your team comes out and plays a pussy cat game. He inspires nothing in his team. They were going through the motions. And at the end of the night, what’s Mr. Potato Head say, the guys have the flu and the travel affected them. HUH? You are making excuses for that pathetic effort from the team you were supposed to pound in the ice? My god! Our Stoneham group of bunch of old fat guys could’ve at least given the Stanley Cup Champions a challenge! Well, maybe not but you get my drift! Mind-numbing stuff! The coach must go! He’s just a notch above Dave Lewis. Gotta go!
This team has frustrated us all season long, but never have I seen such a disgraceful effort by the spoked B.
They have sucked us in again. And all you people who have your season ticket packages sitting on your desks at home, debating should you renew those ducats, think about it good. Passionless, no hitting, atrocious play (did you see that “power” play). They went nine minutes without a shot on goal and managed 17 for the game. I’m still trying to figure out what the scorer saw.

Listening to Vice President Cam Neely on the radio this afternoon, he sounded exasperated and hopeful that the team could get “it” back and make the playoffs. You tell me, from what we’ve seen this year from the Bruins, what would make you think this team is going to make the playoffs.
This organization just keeps rolling along….BACKWARDS! Right now they don’t have a clue as to what’s going on.
They have not made a significant move to upgrade the team in the past two seasons. Oh wait, they did not resign Phil Kessel. Maybe he knew something we didn’t. So did he pick up someone to replace Kessel’s 36 goals? Ummmm, no!
Don’t blame the goaltenders, they have played ok for the most part. But when you score two goals a game, you think Kessel could’ve helped?
They keep talking about the draft picks they have stockpiled. Do you have confidence in this General Manager making those draft picks. I certainly don’t.
So we go through another very disappointing Bruin season with really nothing to look forward to. The hockey season will go on and I will watch the rest of the season on the center ice package and then the playoffs which are generally some exciting hockey games. However, your Boston Bruins will not be there again. And we suckers have been kicked in the gut for the 38th year!


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