One Week To Go!

We are down to less than a handfull of games and we don’t know if the Bruins are gonna make the playoffs, just as we didn’t know back in October when this 2009-2010 campaign began…albeit with a lot of promise in our minds! A lot of people don’t even want the B’s to make the playoffs. Diehard however loves the playoffs. It’s the best time to watch hockey. No better emotional ride than watching your team try to advance. Lately, its been sadness in April, but nevertheless, it really is fun and exciting hockey! Should the Bruins make it to the “tournament” they will still have the same problem as they’ve had all season long. SCORING! It doesn’t matter who is in front of the net, no matter how wide open the net might be, no matter how many shots at or on goal, The Boston Bruins can no longer score more that 2 goals a game! It has been frustrating all season long and get ready, it will continue that way in the playoffs, only a lot tougher! The goaltending of Tuukka Rask has kept the team afloat and still in a playoff spot. Of course that will have to continue over the next four games so that they will remain in their current position or better. But unfortunately, unless they shut out the opposition, 2 goals aren’t gonna cut it. Beginning Monday, they face the number one team in the conference twice and the number three team Thursday with spoiler Carolina on Saturday.
As far as making the playoffs its time to put up or shut and then we’ll take our chances in those wonderful seven-game series!

One more thing; he is without a doubt the greatest Red Sox pitcher I have ever witnessed in his short time here. I have always loved everything thing about him.
It was so great to see the Red Sox get Pedro Martinez to throw out the first pitch last night in the home opener!


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