Bruins versus Philly!

Now hold on a minute all you bandwagon jumpers. Sure the Bruins, the number six seed in the tounament, knocked off the number three seed. Playing ridiculously inspired hockey while doing it. Along with solid goaltending and being as physical as they have been the Bruins have deserved to be where they are. I did not write about them at all in the first series because I had refused to be sucked in again where I start to give my heart back to the team and they take it out and stomp on it.
So as they continue their journey into the second round against the even more surprising Philadelphia Flyers, I still have not allowed them back into the good graces of my mind. Should they dismiss the Broad Street Bullies and move on to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Pittsburgh Penguins or, Sacré Bleu, the even more shocking Montreal Canadiens, maybe that will get me to have faith…….Cautiously!
The reason for all this negatism is, haven’t we been here before? Maybe even last year? And after what we’ve witness all season long with this team in its ineptitude and lack of scoring and many many defensive errors.
Have they turned the corner after the Buffalo series? There were a few periods that they brought back that monster called the regular season into play in that series that made you think, well, here we go again. Those major gaffs on defense that have led to to many opposition goals. See game 6 as both Michael Ryder and Dennis Wideman tried their damndest to get Buffalo back in the series.
But let’s get positive. Who would’ve thunk that your Boston Bruins, minus Marc Savard would basically walk through the 3rd seeded Sabres. Game five was your basic no show until the third period when desparation set it, but if they came out inspired, possibly a different result would have happened. But there I go again to the negatives. But I can’t help myself. I will always root for the Bruins because it is who I am. But I have to be realistic and not let them all the way back until they prove themselves worthy of my trust.
Now, how far is that? It remains to be seen. It depends on how they play through the playoffs. Now matter how far they go. Do remember the second round last season where they just sorta skated and hoped the 8th seeded Carolina Hurrican would roll over and just hand the games to them. Well, Diehard remembers vividly how cheap shot Scott Walker scored on the rebound in overtime of game seven to kill all hopes of the Bruins advancing.
Ya know, it’s kinda theraputic to keep bringing up the previous blown chances of the B’s. It keeps Diehard honest in not forgiving them….yet, hopefully!
So Let’s continue to have a ball seeing if they can put away the next opponent in a similar fashion. No one said it would be easy but to get their, it’s always gonna be tough.
As always, I’m looking forward to it and hope you are too because as long as they keep playing, they have a chance.


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Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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