Heading to Philly!

Your Boston Bruins find themselves two games away from the Eastern Conference Finals. C’mon, we can all say it. Two games away. Lots of good to be found in the way these playoff Bruins are playing. They resemble NOTHING of what they were in the regular season. Who are they? Where did they come from? How did they go from total irrelevancy to, right now, THE story in Boston sports!
Well that’s because they are playing with spirit, intensity and toughness. Something they hadn’t shown in the past six weeks or since the now infamous Matt Cooke/Marc Savard incident! Even the Coach has shown some intensity giving heck to his players for a bad line change and some stupid plays that cause agita to fans like me. Also, they have overcome their inability to win at home. Five games into this playoff year, the Bruins have not lost on home ice!
Remember when we used to think they couldn’t win because they couldn’t score? Two games…8 goals. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. The implosion could happen at any time. See game five of the Buffalo series. But for the most part, the B’s have amp up their game, their courage and their we will not be beaten approach at home. They do need to work on their power play. As good as it was against the Sabres, it really stinks against the Flyers. Zero for five on Monday night. Full 2 minutes each. And they really need to tighten up some of the defensive lapses that are glaring as the Dennis Wideman – Matt Hunwick combo which really produces goals – for Philadelphia. Not good. For all the good that Wideman does in the offenseive zone, his huge errors in the defensive zone and causing goals for the opposition out weigh the good stuff. But the man is a plus 2 for the playoffs and the Bruins are up two games to love heading to the City of Brotherly Love! HA.
They have not advanced past the second round since Ray Bourque and Andy Moog both had their jocks removed by the now owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Mario Lemiuex way back in 1992 as Pitt was headed to its second straight Coupe de Stanley. They still haven’t advanced, but two more wins out of five tries and who knows!


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