Game Seven! Yeesh!

Well, it has come to this! A seventh game in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And not just any seventh game. A seventh game after winning the first three. Huh? How did they get here? What the heck happened to their confidence? Their ability to score goals? Their ability to make crucial stops at crucial times? What the heck happened?
I promised I would not give my heart back to the Boston Bruins unless they proved worthy. Well I almost let that slip when they were a convincing three games to love over the Flyers. But I managed to control myself and never let the them back in completely…yet. They can still get back in my heart but it will take some inspiration with a convincing effort and A WIN in game seven. Nothing else will do! They just can’t keep making the fandom go wacky with the victories that get them on the crest of the next step only to have it come crashing down like a game of Junga. No No, I’m not that easy anymore.
Ya know, people are saying that its all because of the players that they have lost to injury on the way. Sorry, I don’t buy that crap. I realize that this team is scoring challenged, but please, you are in the National Hockey League. You should be able to at least get 2-3 goals in a game, especially against the goaltenders that are in the Philadelphia net.
For me, I have no faith in them winning the seventh game. Call me a cynic but I’ve seen this movie before and each time it reminds me of Gloria Swanson telling Mr. DeMille that she is ready for her close-up.
I think the Boston Bruins are about to make history tonight. If they do make history, they will be joining the likes of the 1942 Detroit Red Wings and the 1975 Pittsburgh Penguins and my favorite, the New York Yankees as the only teams in the history of sport, to lose four straight games after winning the first three in a seven games series. Good Grief! It even hurts to write that hours before game time!
I was there last year when Scott Walker popped in that rebound by Tim Thomas and I’ll be there hoping to leave with a different result! But I doubt it!
Should they lose, all the goodwill they have brought themselves by performing so well in the first nine games of the playoffs will be oh so gone. It will make for a very unruly crowd in the nine o’clock. Lets hope it will be a rockin’ crowd roaring their approval of a Bruins win.
Oh Boy….the nerves are already there.
Go B’s!


About Ric Duarte

Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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