No way else to describe it! THEY CHOKED!!!!

It’s still as unbelievable today as it was Friday night at the Garden. There is no way to explain the history making playoff series that just ended the Bruins season. How do you explain the plain old crap hockey that was displayed in game 5 at home. How do you explain a 3 goal lead evaporating at home in a series clinching game seven, winner goes to the Eastern Conference Finals! And most importantly, how the hell do you explain a penalty call that has haunted you for 31 years only to be revisited Friday night on Garden ice. Yes, 31 years and four days after Don Cherry sent an extra man on the ice up in the venerable Montreal Forum which lead to the Canadiens tying goal from Hall of Famer Guy LaFleur and the eventual overtime winner by Yvon Lambert (go look it up, I don’t have to. It’s etched in my brain for as long as I’m a Bruin fan..maybe longer) The Black and Gold did it one more time at the worst possible moment. Late in period three, a horrendous move by Marc Savard to NOT go for the line change as he was about to and bingo….you’ve got your penalty. TOO MANY MEN ON THE ICE.
How does all this happen? Someone please try to explain it to me and 17,575 patrons that watched this game, this series make the history books in such remarkable fashion!
Never has a team lost a 3-zero series lead AND a 3-zero lead in the seventh game until the Bruins did it on Friday at the Garden.
Yes I did say I was not gonna let them back into my heart until they proved they deserved it. HA!
They deserve nothing and from me they will get just that. NOTHING. That goes for the organization in total.
The management refused to get some extra scoring for the team and there fore when the “stars” weren’t scoring, and they weren’t scoring a lot, the team was at a loss for what to do. The “stars” were signed to contract beyond my comprehension and never lived up to them and seemed to take the year off.
The coach was just simply overmatched many nights when he could not stop the bleeding and had no in-game adjustments. Claude Julien, did you see the other coach at the garden Friday call a time out to make an in-game adjustment? Guess where he is tonight and what his team will be doing tonight!
It’s inconceivable what Boston Bruin fans went through the last week. As I was leaving the Garden, after having a drink with my friend Dave, there were still so many fans leaving the garden. Some in tears, some just yelling f’n Bruins…some in shock. I sorta just said to them as I was walking by them. Either get used to the disappointment, or find another team because this much we know. The thought process from the top on down is not gonna change.
How do your young players come back from this? How do they realize that they just made SPORT history…not just hockey history.
I’m still exasperated by the whole thing. If you read the previous blog which was posted several hours before the game, you will see, that as jaded as I am, I had no faith in them winning. Little did I know it would be because of a penalty that would live in infamy with the Boston Bruins and will haunt them even more than that one 31 years and 4 days earlier!


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