Do the Bruins really have what it takes?

So what’s Bruin so far with just 26 games left in the 2010-2011 campaign? Well, the fact that the Bruins have 31 wins this season and are first in the Northeast division and have been for most of the season, which seeds them third in the conference at present. Patrice Bergeron, the player with the current longest tenure on the club leads the team in scoring with 45 points and 19 goals. Rookie Brad Marchand has 16 goals and has been a driving force in most of the 53 games he has played, complete with a plus 20 which ties him for team lead with Andrew Ference and David Krejci.

Your Captain, Zdeno Chara has played up to his Norris Trophy winning form of two seasons ago. And Milan Lucic leads the team in goal scoring with 23. Not a bad half season for a lot of guys. The defense has been better than adequate with some surprises, like rookies, Adam McQuaid and Steve Kapmfer. Both coming in midseason and staying and getting regular shifts along with veterans Andrew Ference, Dennis Seidenberg.

Ageless wonder Mark Recchi is second in scoring on the team and what for me is the team MVP, Shawn Thornton has been nothing short of SOLID in his role as team enforcer and chips in with an important goal now and then. Eight tallies on the year!

Unfortunately with the good comes some bad. Matt Hunwick, traded away from the B’s when Marc Savard came back to the team off of injured reserve, ironically finishing his check against Savard put him on the shelf for the season with yet another concussion for the savvy veteran forward. February 8, marked the official end to Savard’s year and a very real possibility that he will not play another National Hockey League game again.

Blake Wheeler, & Michael Ryder and having typical Ryder & Wheeler seasons….BLAAAAAHH. Nathan Horton began the season like a house of fire and has since, joined the likes of the aforementioned Wheeler & Ryder.

Surprisingly, David Krejci has been off his game for most of the year. What are we to make of that?  I’m not sure but there is time for him to get his mojo back as Boston heads down the stretch toward the playoffs.

Rookie Tyler Seguin has been ineffective for the most part. He has shown small flashes of brilliance but for these eyes, he still has a long way to go, but give him time!

Tim Thomas!  WOW. I didn’t think he would be back to the form which won him the Vezina Trophy two seasons ago. He has been nothing short of sensational. Even in Bruin losses, (last time in Montreal notwithstanding) he was the reason Boston was in the game. Just a remarkable performance so far. Now my thinking on this is, can a 37 year old goaltender, who has started 37 games, keep playing this way well into June without springing a leak. Somewhere along the way, he is gonna need a rest. It just seems to reason to not expect him to do this the rest of the season and then into the ramped up after season known as the Stanley Cup Playoffs. That remains to be seen.

The Coach Claude Julien still seems to an enigma to me.  He still wants to be a defensive coach to a point. But as we witnessed over the weekend, the B’s were simply outskated, out forechecked, out-defended, out-classed by the high flying Detroit Red Wings in which they were outscored 10-3.A few weeks ago when the media was making suggestions about his possible firing, team President Cam Neely made a comment about “trying to win 0-0 games”. Since then, the Bruins seemed to have opened up the offense and have scored five or more goals eight times. If ya got the horses, let them run and gun. I’m just sayin’!  But that philosophy burned them against The Red Wings as their pinching cost them several times on magnificent skating and breakouts by Detroit only to lead to odd man rushes and scores. I don’t think the Bruins can compete like that. And with Chara and Recchi on the point on the powerplay, any mishandling of the puck on the blue line and the oppostions speedy forward will most likely make the Bruins pay dearly.

Boston takes on the Toroton Maple Leafs at the TD Garden on Tuesday and owning their number one draft pick again this year, needs to put themselves in a better postion with a win over TO.

The trade dealine is Monday, February 28 and Boston is still looking for that puck moving defenseman they have been seeking since Number 77 departed for Colorado a decade (YIKES..has it been that long) ago. They could also use a tough bruising goal scorer that knows how to finish.

The closer we get to the playoff the scarier things look. Especially after the lost weekend of home and home to Detroit.

Lets see what happens in the next two weeks!



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