So, now you see them and this is what you get for the rest of the 2010-2011 hockey season for your Boston Bruins. Tomas Kaberle, long coveted by the Bruins is now wearing the famed Spoked B instead of the equally famous Blue Leaf of Toronto. Boston gave the Leafs their own first round pick in 2011, NOT the pick they own from the 26th place Maple Leafs, and a conditional pick, whatever that means and Baby Bruin Joe Colburn.
Boston also sent Blake Wheeler and Mark Stuart to the Atlanta Thrashers for forward Rich Peverly and defenceman Boris Valabik.
Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli said that there will be no further major deals before the February 28th deadline. However, there may be some tweaking of other things.
So lets do a quick analyze of the transactions.
I am for the Kaberle deal. Poor Tomas has been dying forever in the putrid Maple Leaf system of just awful players, old players, no heart players and bad management. Even now, with respected GM Brian Burke, there is still a lot of bad things happening within the halls of the Air Canada Centre and it doesn’t look to change any time soon. Kaberle is looked to for stabilization especially on the power play. He can move the puck and has the smarts to know when to shoot or set up the forward for a quality scoring opportunity. Diehard is looking for good things out of the acquisition. What the Bruins gave up to get him is of no consequence right now. He’s the same age as Chara and all we can do is hope they can sign him to a contract to keep him on their blue line for a few more years.
Rich Peverly should be a nice get as well. Nothing spectacular but will score goals and get his nose dirty, which as we all know is a trait which all Bruins should have. Unlike what he was traded for in Blake Wheeler. Wheeler, an enigma, has all the skills and talent in the world, but with no heart and no will to put that talent to good use, well the B’s have no use for that type of player and you just knew after his arbitration win, he would be one that would be expendable. Especially, with a mere 11 goals in 53 games this season. Goodbye.
What I don’t understand is why all the DNPCD’s for defenseman Mark Stuart. He was one who WAS will to get in there and hit people, clear out the front of the net, protect teammates and do whatever was needed. I’m not sure why Coach Claude Julien had a hair across his ass for Stuart but he is now a Thrasher and I hope he sees the ice more now that he is in Atlanta even though no one goes to see the team which is a good team with some quality players.
Boris Valabik is a minor league defenceman and with all of the D-men playing pretty well, I’m sure the 6 foot 7 Czech will make his way to Providence. If he ever does make the big club, I’m sure it will be the first time a hockey club will have to players of that height and from basically the same country.
So, I would say that the Boston Bruins are going for it this year. At least to make it through that second round to play for the Eastern Conference with a solid chance to make the Stanley Cup finals. I’m kinda tepidly excited about the prospects. But as with anything the Bruins do, we’ll just have to wait and see. We’ve been here before!

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