Bruins – Canadiens Rematch

C’mon now. Really? You think the Montreal Canadiens should come out and play a physical, fisticuff game against the Boston Bruins and you think that is the key to the Habs winning? Au Contraire mon ami.
That IS the game that Boston should continue to play against Montreal and any other opponent they play. But for the Canadiens to continue their winning ways against the Bruins, they need to skate, forecheck and buzz around Boston and cause turnovers, which is what doomed the Bruins in the overtime loss Saturday against the Pittsburgh Penguins.
To hear from the media in both cities, they are expecting another melee like the one that happened in early February at the Garden.
I’ve witnessed these so-called rematch games too many times and they never pan out like you think they might. And don’t forget, in that last game, yeah the Bruins won the game, but they also let the Canadiens score six goals….four on the power play. Which means if you don’t stay out of the penalty box, the Habs will make you pay.
I’m sure there will be a fight or two, but nothing like what we saw in the last meeting. The Habs have had the Bruins number the past season or two winning six of the last eight tilts.
The Bruins just have a hard time against the fleet of foot Canadiens. Tim Thomas fares no better. He may be the leading candidate for the Vezina trophy this year, but my goodness, he is rather pedestrian against Montreal with a 4.28 Goals against average and .888 save percentage. If those were his stats for the year, the Bs would be out of the playoff race. And lets face it, yes it was Dennis Seidenberg’s turnover at center ice that directly led to the OT goal on Saturday, but Thomas just played that very badly. I’m not sure the second goal through the five hole was any better. Which brings me to the question of why no rest for the weary 37 year old? Is he being used too much? What happens once the big picture gets here, i.e. the playoffs! And don’t forget the last game the Bruins played in Montreal. It was one of those “ghosts” games. Bruins had a two goal lead in the third period and three VERY BAD goals handed the Canadiens a win they certainly didn’t deserve.
This team has played well for most of the season but I saw a bit of the lackadasical, lets go into the defensive shell and not press the offense in that game against the Pens on Saturday. Especially in the second period when the Bruins appeared to be standing still and letting the Crosby & Malkin-less Penguins take the lead and take over the game. Give the Bs credit, the tying goal in the last minute with Thomas pulled was a thing of beauty with the pass of Nathan Horton to an uncovered David Krejci. But alas, in that overtime, it looked like a tired Bruin team or maybe a bad shift which created a tired foursome leading to the losing goal.
Tonight at the Bell Centre, the Bruins need to be physical and skate and move the puck quickly and keep the Canadiens off balance. If the Bruins take care of things and don’t parade into the penalty box, they should be OK. Anything else…could be a bad night in Montreal, again!


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