Lets win the second round!

This has been bugging me for a couple of days now. Peter Chiarelli was doing an interview on one of the sports stations and his response to what is he looking for the Boston Bruins in this playoff year? Answer, “well obviously to get out of the second round.”
Excuse me? Is that all you are looking forward to? To GET to the Eastern Conference Finals? And lose???
You mean your ultimate goal isn’t to WIN the Freakin’ Stanley Cup? Pardon me for the disbelief but I don’t think I know of any General Manager that would have that response.

In the new lexicon of the NHL, North and South play is what the Bruins must play. How many countless times have you heard play by play man Jack Edwards with that ridiculus saying “D to D”. That is not the way to get out of your own zone and so many times the Bruins have screwed that up and caused a quality scoring chance by the opposition.

One more thing….If Coach Claude rolls out all four lines continuously, Boston could be in trouble. I think the bench should be shortened and your so-called best players need to be just that. Sure your fourth liners should play but there is a reason they are the fourth line. The only reason to be sending four lines over the boards continuously is a four-nothing lead!

So my thinking on these playoffs is I hope the win tonight!

About Ric Duarte

Just your average loyal Bruins Fan with things to say about the team!
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1 Response to Lets win the second round!

  1. Eddy says:

    I’ll have to disagree re; the fourth line having their ice time cut. Campbell has been one of their best players all year long so he deserves time and how can you sit Thornton. His heart is bigger and his effort mightier than any “star” on this team. I feel more confident with them on the ice than most of the other guys. At least the two of them stay focused on the mission.

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